Gloria Smythe

Style up your fashion and wear your confidence

As the Menopause Stylist, Gloria is the style expert who helps women to embrace and empower their style journey through perimenopause to postmenopause.

Gloria understands that us women lose our inner and outer confidence, often because of how we think we are perceived both by partners and friends. This has led Gloria to begin guiding women through how wearing your confidence is the first step to believing in yourself, and that you have the ability to meet life’s challenges and to succeed through CONFIDENCE & STYLE.

Gloria has over 30 years’ experience of working within the Fashion Industry as a Freelance Designer and now as a Personal Stylist. As a trained and qualified clothing technician she has an eye for what fits well and what colours work.

Just some of the points we cover in this session:
Advice for how we can build a positive self image and our self confidence as our body changes in midlife
Tips for how we can dress stylishly and confidently in midlife
Go to shops for someone with a low, middle and high budget

Connect with Gloria Smythe:

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