Welcome To The Midlife Festival

The Festival will took place from October 9th – 13th 2023.

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Katie Taylor

Welcome to The Midlife Festival!

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Catch up on Monday's sessions

Dr Naomi Potter

Dr Naomi Potter

Menopause 101: the info you really need to know

Professor Guy Leschziner

Professor Guy Leschziner

Sleep unlocked: the secrets to good slumber

Saliha cooks

Dr Saliha Mahmood Ahmed

The Kitchen Prescription: food for gut health

Jacqueline Hooton - Her Garden Gym

Jacqueline Hooton

New routines and finding time for fitness

Julianne Miles - Women Returners

Julianne Miles MBE

Your second act careers: returning to work after 40

Catch up on Tuesday's sessions

Kate Bunyan Stella app

Dr Kate Bunyan

All you need to know about HRT (if you’re considering taking it)

Nigel Denby Dietician

Nigel Denby

Nourish your body: Nutrition for weight management

Dinah Siman, menopause pilates

Dinah Siman

The power of pilates in midlife (even if you’ve never done it before!)

Dr Claire Macaulay

How to get your sex life back on track

Dr Nighat Arif

The past, present and future of women’s health

Katie Taylor

How to manage your menopause at work

Catch up on Wednesday's sessions

Athena Lamnisos, CEO of The Eve Appeal

Athena Lamnisos

What you need to know about gynaecological cancers

Dr Wendy Molefi

Dr Wendy Molefi

Coping with anxiety in midlife

Sophie Medlin

The good gut connection: gut health and nutrition

Louise Minchin - Fearless

Louise Minchin

Live life Fearless! The pursuit of adventure

Zoe Hendricks careers

Zoe Hendricks

The next step: Career change post-40

Rosie Nixon, Hello! Magazine

Rosie Nixon

The power of kindness

Catch up on Thursday's sessions

Dr Alison Macbeth

The journey through breast cancer and menopause

Tanith Carey, author of Feeling Blah

Tanith Carey

Why do I feel so… Blah?!

Clio Wood

Clio Wood

Postnatal to Perimenopausal: without losing your mojo

Ateh Jewel beauty

Ateh Jewel

Glow guidance: Beauty tips and tricks for your skin after 40

Reena Vokoun fitness

Reena Vokoun

Fit foundations: Strength training and movement

Catch up on Friday's sessions

Dr Laura Flexer and Dr Kuki Avery

The secrets of bone health (and why you really do need to care about your bones)

Sarah Graham, Rebel Bodies

Sarah Graham

Rebel bodies: The gender health gap

Tamsen Fadal

Tamsen Fadal

Single life, dating, and why you need to say ‘yes’ to you first!

Fareeha Jay

Simple steps to prevent diabetes as you age

Gayle Rinkhoff stylist

Gayle Rinkoff

Feeling amazing with midlife fashion

Alison Jensen-Goodall and Marie Schmid, Clarins

Make-up and skincare secrets post-40: the key ingredients

Katie Taylor

And that’s a wrap! Final words from Katie

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