Lorraine Candy & Trish Halpin

‘This is Midlife’ – the joys of parenting teens and so much more!

Lorraine Candy was most recently Editor in Chief of The Sunday Times Style magazine and parenting columnist for The Sunday Times magazine. Before that she was an award winning Editor-in-chief of Elle and Cosmopolitan.

She also wrote a playful weekly parenting column for The Daily Mail’s Femail called “I don’t know how I do It” and regularly contributes to The Times, The Guardian, The Mail, The Radio Times, Good Housekeeping and The Sunday Times.

Her first book, Mum What’s Wrong With You; 101 Things Only The Mothers of Girls Know was published in June 2021.

Trish is an award-winning editor with 20 years at the helm of three of the UK’s most iconic magazines: Marie Claire, InStyle and Red.

She has spearheaded campaigns on girls’ education, climate change and inequality in the justice system, as well as powering women’s careers through a mentorship programme, reader conferences and awards that celebrate women who are changing the way we live and work.

An experienced presenter, speaker and moderator, Trish has chaired live interviews with celebrities such as Kylie Minogue and Richard E Grant, as well as hosting talks for Fortune’s ‘Most Powerful Women Europe’ among other events.

Trish is a qualified executive coach, brand consultant, and writer, contributing to The Daily Mail, The Guardian and Good Housekeeping.

Lorraine and Trish are on a mission to help women make the most of their magnificent midlife and to change society’s outdated narrative of what it means to be a peri and post-menopausal woman now. Through their successful weekly podcast and their highly engaged social media community, they celebrate the highs, and triumph over the lows, offering invaluable support and advice from their network of experts and warm, witty celebrity friends.

Just some of the points we cover in this session:
Tips to manage the juggle of work, home, our own health and our relationships whilst also parenting teens
The difference between parenting toddlers and pre-teens vs teenagers and young adults? What are the biggest challenges?
Why parenting might feel harder when we are in this midlife stage of life and what we can do about it

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