Rachel Schofield

Redesigning your work life in midlife

Rachel helps smart women redesign a workable and fulfilling career path after motherhood.

Her clients have often taken time out to raise their family and are ready to re-connect with their professional self. But simply diving back into their old industry isn’t going to cut it. They want space and support to get clear on their skills, strengths and passions, to explore other avenues and think differently.

Before making her own career pivot and qualifying as a Personal Development and Career Coach, Rachel reported and presented for the BBC for over twenty years, predominantly at the organisation’s flagship 24-hour News Channel. She has interviewed guests from politicians and protesters, to probation officers and priests.

Underpinning both her journalism and her coaching are the deep listening, expert questioning and analytical skills vital to get to the heart of people’s complex stories and create challenge and, ultimately, change.

Rachel is a licensed Firework™ Career Change Coach and runs her own “ReWork Your Life” programme. She is committed to encouraging her clients to think more creatively, increase their self-awareness, enhance their impact, and drive change towards their professional and personal goals.

Just some of the points we cover in this session:
The common challenges that women face in midlife when it comes to their careers, and tips to overcome them
Redesigning our career in midlife can be a weird combination of excitement and opportunity, often coupled with self-doubt and wobbly identity. Practical advice for how we should approach it
How to talk about our career story in a way that feels powerful and unapologetic

Connect with Rachel Schofield:

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